Guide for Cars

Fortnite cars have now been around for a while, but they still remain the exclusive method of transport to effectively traverse the island on land, so the question of “where are the Fortnite cars” is one that often gets asked. Players also tend to look for advice on how to drive Fortnite cars once they’ve … Read more

List of Foraged Items

Fortnite foraged items can be really handy in if you need a bit of healing in a pinch thanks to the small health or shield boosts they provide. Certain challenge objectives require players to find some foraged items, like the week 14 epic quest which tasks Fortnite players with gathering up four of these foods … Read more

How To Use Off-Road Tires

You can find Fortnite off-road tires as floor loot in various places around the island, and if you visit a gas station then you’re very likely to find some in the area. Once you have your new wheels in your inventory, simply throw them at one of the Fortnite cars to expand its tires into … Read more

Gas Station Locations

Cars require gas in order to keep driving, which means that the Fortnite gas stations play an important role. We’ve marked all of the Fortnite gas station locations on the map above, and here is a list of where you’ll find them: West of Holly Hedges West side of Believer Beach East side of Boney … Read more

All About Motorboats

Fortnite motorboats have been the one consistent vehicle available throughout the whole of Chapter 2, so far at least. As things progressed we saw the introduction of Fortnite cars as well, although the Fortnite helicopters have since been vaulted to reduce the overall pool of transport options. The Fortnite motorboats are not restricted to seas … Read more

New Weapons Unvaulted

A new season means Fortnite new weapons have entered the Island loot pool and more weapons have headed to the vault to balance out the battle royale arena. After the destruction of the alien Mothership and the return of the cubes, new weapons themed around the rocky alien cube creatures and last season’s Imagined Order … Read more

Color Bottles

Fortnite Color Bottles are the collectibles you need to find if you want to give Toona Fish a fresh look by customizing their outfit, to move away from that drab black and white appearance they start with by default. You’ll have your work cut out for you if you want to complete the set, as … Read more

Donation Boards

There are two types of Donation Boards that have appeared around the island – Fortnite Item Donation Boards let you contribute to the war effort by donating bars and voting between two weapons or items to select which gets added to the battle royale, while Fortnite Turret Donation Boards collect bars and install a mounted … Read more

How to accept side quests

Using Fortnite payphones to accept a quest is easy, once you’ve found one using the above map. Simply approach the ringing unit and follow the Payphone prompt to interact with it, then select a character quest from the wheel as you would do when speaking to one of them in person. As with other quests, … Read more


If you need to complete Fortnite bounties for a particular quest, or you just want to hunt down another player for a reward, then you’ll need to find one of the Fortnite bounty boards to get things started. There was a time when you could also meet with certain Fortnite characters to get a bounty … Read more