Gold Bars

Fortnite Gold Bars will likely be in your sights as you’ll need to collect bars and spend bars for one of the Fortnite Week 6 quests. Gold bars can be obtained from a range of sources, from bounties to player eliminations, and loot drops from chests – so finding them should just be a case … Read more


Fortnite payphones offer you another route to accepting Fortnite quests, without having to track down the NPCs offering them in person. If you hear a ringing sound, then the chances are you’re close to one of these orange units, and if you answer the call you’ll be connected to several of the Fortnite characters who … Read more

Servers Down?

Discovering that the Fortnite servers are down can be really annoying, especially if you’re just settling down to a planned battle royale session then find you’re unable to sign in to your account or otherwise access the game. It’s never a good omen when you start things up and see Fortnite error codes in front … Read more