Have Enough Materials

Being an efficient and quick builder is arguably more important than being a good shot. Building can save your life and give you such an enormous combat advantage against enemies. The worst feeling is running out of materials during a fight so make sure to avoid this awkward situation by harvesting plenty of materials. Every … Read more

Best Positioning

Always be mindful of your position with named locations on the map. Survey which towns are out of the safe zone and which direction players must head toward. Predicting player movement can help you avoid or get into fights. Moving along the edge of the circle can help ensure that one of your sides will … Read more

Item Management

Open up your inventory and move your weapons and items around in a way that suits your playstyle. Try having your close range weapons in the first two slots and longer ranged weapons in the third and fourth slots. Healing can occupy your last spot. You’re more likely to need a shotgun faster than you … Read more

Customize Controls

Customize your key bindings so that every weapon and building format can be accessed with a quickly to your comfort. A good habit to get yourself into is disabling the mouse wheel completely and force yourself to use the numbered keys for weapon changing. This allows you to pick the exact weapon you need during … Read more

Take The Higher Ground

If you see someone at your height or higher, try to build above them. Height advantage allows you to not only get a better view of your enemies but it also greatly increases your chances of landing a headshot. The same applies for buildings. Always try to enter buildings and forts from above rather than … Read more

Be Aggressive

You can camp in some random fort all you want, but eventually you’re going to have to get in a fight. Get in the habit of attacking first. If you see people in the distance, put some shots into them to force them to play defensive. Sometimes all it takes is a single shot to … Read more

Land First

The faster you can get to the ground, the sooner you can grab a weapon and wrack up some quick kills. Your glider will auto deploy whenever it reaches a certain height from your current location. Someone auto deploying at the top of a mountain will start to glide much higher than someone deploying above … Read more