Building to avoid the storm

Building structures can also help you cover crucial ground across Fortnite‘s sprawling, undulating map. When the storm is coming and you have to get into the safe circle, it may feel natural to just hoof it by foot, following the green grass toward safety. But as you find out quickly, the path toward the circle often … Read more

Trick Your Opponents

Use the confusion of enemies to your advantage. See someone building? Start building your ramp to get to on top of their build but use the same material as your opponent to disguise the noise. They’ll think your building noises will be their materials which can give you the drop on them. Feeling mischievous? Get … Read more

Cover Your Left

Your gun overlooks your right shoulder and there is currently no way to switch to the left. With this in mind, always try to fight with the left side of your body covered. If you peek out of cover from the left side of a structure, you’ll have to expose your entire body in order … Read more

Understanding the Combat Situation

The great thing about Fortnite is there are so many different combat opportunities. In close range situations such as running through a house or infiltrating a fort, pulling out a shotgun is smarter than just running in with a rifle out. In 1v1 situations, you can spend your time jumping around to make it harder … Read more

Rocket Ride

Rockets can be used to soar across the map if timed perfectly. In squads, have a player with a Rocket Launcher stand about one building segment away and aim the rocket at the other player’s waist. Once the second player jumps, wait for that player to reach the maximum height of their jump before firing … Read more

Impulse Grenade Movement

Hold onto Impulse Grenades to help you out of sticky situations. Need to get out of the storm? Throw one down as you run by to propel yourself forward. You can use them to push downed teammates out of the storm as well. Impulse Grenades are great for knocking enemies off of structures but have … Read more

Cover Loot

Sometimes you’re loaded with great loot and you’ll have to leave powerful weapons behind. Build a roof segment over any leftover loot to prevent scavenging players from picking up the goods. The random roof segment can also attract curious players, leaving them exposed for a kill as they try to break through.

Experiment with Building Edits

Once you get the hang of general building, start playing around with the modifications you can make while editing a structure. You can remove three tiles in a corner to slice a wall diagonally, allowing you to shoot without making a ramp. Editing out one tile on a floor creates a hole, allowing you to … Read more

Mark the supply drop

Shoot at the balloon of a supply drop to display its health meter. This allows you to keep track of it while it drops. If you see a health meter appear without you shooting it, expect another player to be camping it. Use this information to your advantage by sneaking up and watching the drop … Read more

Avoid fall damage

Falling anywhere above three stories will result in fall damage. The more momentum you have while falling, the more damage you’ll take. Avoid taking damage by building a flat wall every three stories as you go down a steep surface. If you’re going down a tall cliff, try facing towards the cliff to slow down … Read more