Build to Defend

Getting shot at? Start with a quick wall, then place a ramp to give yourself a chance to peek over and fight back. Once on the ramp, make sure to build walls around you to cover yourself from surrounding players. Consider building two sets of ramps to prevent the enemy from immediately predicting your location. … Read more

Cover Your Left

Your gun overlooks your right shoulder and there is currently no way to switch to the left. With this in mind, always try to fight with the left side of your body covered. If you peek out of cover from the left side of a structure, you’ll have to expose your entire body in order … Read more

Understanding the Combat Situation

The great thing about Fortnite is there are so many different combat opportunities. In close range situations such as running through a house or infiltrating a fort, pulling out a shotgun is smarter than just running in with a rifle out. In 1v1 situations, you can spend your time jumping around to make it harder … Read more

Know the Power Dynamics

Understanding when your team has an advantage in a fight is a very important skill. If you outnumber a team, start playing aggressively. Players with height advantage have more power over you so make sure your team is building upward together. Attack an enemy team if you see that they are split up. Focus your … Read more

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Always scan the horizon for any signs of enemy building. Look for destroyed towns and disappearing walls or trees. Never run into a town without some scouting it out first. It’s also a great idea to make sure someone on the team is relaying information on how much time your team has before the storm … Read more

Sharing is Caring

It’s great to have a bunch of healing items and shields for yourself but not when your team is weak. If your teammates don’t have heals, make sure to distribute med kits or bandages. Having more teammates up is usually more beneficial than one player having more health. If you’re worried about inventory space, have … Read more

Healing and Reviving

The more players you have alive, the better your chances of winning a match. Reviving is always situational but if a teammate goes down during a fight and you have the time, build around the downed player and revive them before engaging the enemy team. Sometimes it makes sense to leave downed teammates hanging. If … Read more

Work Together

This seems obvious but players tend to enjoy playing as a lone-wolf. When you move from area to area, stick together in case of an ambush. If someone needs to heal, teammates can build around them and provide cover. When you’re building a base, build together in order to speed up the process. Never attack … Read more

Communication is Key

Not using a microphone immediately puts you and your team at a disadvantage. Communication allows your teammates to react to combat situations and is essential in defeating well-coordinated teams. If you or a teammate wanders off and dies, communicate how and where you were eliminated.

Land Together

Before a match begins, make sure your team coordinates where everyone should be landing. As you glide down with your team, check around to see how many other teams are landing in your area. If it looks hot, landing in the same building can increase everyone’s chances for survival. You won’t have access to as … Read more