If you need to complete Fortnite bounties for a particular quest, or you just want to hunt down another player for a reward, then you’ll need to find one of the Fortnite bounty boards to get things started. There was a time when you could also meet with certain Fortnite characters to get a bounty underway, but now they are exclusively reserved for the boards dotted around the island. More bounty boards have been installed as a result of this to meet demand, and as some Fortnite quests now require you to use them it pays to know where to find one quickly, so we’re here to help with that.

Fortnite bounty boards are useful in a number of ways. Not only can they help you track down nearby opponents or complete quests, but start successfully completing Fortnite bounties will also earn you Fortnite gold bars, which can then be invested in new weapons and upgrades, useful items, or even contributing to the ongoing war effort.

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