How many players are active?

People always want to know how many people play Fortnite. Often it’s non-fans wondering is Fortnite dying? The short answer is no: millions of people are still playing. If Epic isn’t revealing amazing stats as much as it used to it’s because there are some huge numbers to beat, from special events and end of … Read more

2FA Two-Factor Authentication

It’s a sad fact of life on the internet that there will always be bad people trying to steal your information, and Fortnite is not immune from this. If you want to keep your Epic account (and your V-Bucks) safe then make sure you enable Fortnite 2FA – turning on Two-Factor Authentication will also reward … Read more

Creative Codes

Thanks to Creative Mode, players have been able to construct all sorts of ingenious custom maps – from miniature recreations of the entire island, to adventures filled with puzzles and even a mini golf course! We’ve been following developments in this area to bring you our selection of the best Fortnite Creative codes every other … Read more


If you’re lucky enough to spot a llama piñata during a match then make a beeline to grab it, as they’re super rare and contain lots of useful items and resources. They’ve also come to life now, so you’ll have to chase them and deal as much damage as possible before they teleport away! For … Read more

Reboot Vans

If you’re playing in one of Fortnite’s team modes such as Duos or Squads, then elimination does not necessarily mean you’re completely out of the game any more. If a teammate grabs the Reboot Card you drop when you’re down and out before it disappears, they can take it to one of the Fortnite Reboot … Read more

Map Changes for Season 8

The latest Fortnite map has arrived, and although there have been changes made to mark the new season, the update definitely doesn’t have the same impact as previous iterations. The Invasion is over and the aliens have generally been driven away, but they’ve been replaced by the cubes that could potentially represent an even greater … Read more

Satellite Stations

Fortnite satellite stations were once the jewels in the crown of the Imagined Order, with these IO radar dish bases (which they’re also known as due to the huge antennas mounted within them) being key to the battle against the alien invaders in Season 7. They were used to keep a watchful eye over all … Read more

Foraged Items

If you’re looking for a quick way to boost your Health or Shield, then consuming some Fortnite foraged Items could be just the ticket. There are apples, cabbages, mushrooms, coconuts, corn, bananas, and more to eat, each of which provides different benefits.


If you need to travel somewhere fast, then Fortnite cars let you motor around the island at top speed, with the fastest being the Fortnite Ferrari. You’ll want to know where to find Fortnite gas pumps so you can avoid running out of fuel, and adding some Fortnite off-road tires to your vehicle will stop … Read more


With plenty of rivers crisscrossing the island, it makes sense to have a vehicle that can navigate them efficiently. That’s where the Fortnite motorboats come in, as not only can they whizz around on water but thanks to their rocket boost they can also travel over land, plus they fire missiles!