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Fortnite cars have now been around for a while, but they still remain the exclusive method of transport to effectively traverse the island on land, so the question of “where are the Fortnite cars” is one that often gets asked. Players also tend to look for advice on how to drive Fortnite cars once they’ve got hold of a vehicle, especially as the steering can be confusing if you’re not used to the control scheme. On top of that, these motors need a supply of fuel to continue on their journeys, so knowing where to find Fortnite gas stations is essential for longer road trips. To help with all this, we’ve got information on how to find cars and drive them in Fortnite, including where the Fortnite gas station locations are to keep your motor running, in our complete Fortnite cars guide.

Cars Location

You can find Fortnite cars in many locations around the island, and while we’ve marked a decent number to get you started in a pinch, the map above is not intended to be exhaustive – you honestly won’t have to look far when you’re running around to find one. Don’t be fooled by vehicles that have a wheel clamp attached, however, as these are fixed parts of the scenery and cannot be driven.

How To Drive

Fortnite cars work in the same way as the other vehicles in Fortnite, so approach one and interact to hop in, then you’ll be able to switch seats at your leisure and ferry your teammates back and forth. The controls can take a bit of getting used to, as pushing up and down on the left stick affects acceleration and braking along with the pad triggers. Steering is controlled by pushing left and right on the left stick, but bear in mind that your vehicle will also try to drive in the direction the camera is facing so you can’t look around you without changing your travel trajectory.

Type of cars

Currently there are four different types of Fortnite cars present in the game. According to the blurb, this is what you need to know about them:

  • Islander PrevalentThe spirit of responsibility
  • Victory Motors WhiplashIt’s not just a name. It’s a warning
    Note – the Whiplash has now been replaced by the
    Fortnite Ferrari
  • OG BearDon’t poke the bear
  • Titano MudflapOwn the road

These Fortnite cars also have built-in radio stations to listen to a variety of music, including licensed tracks and general Fortnite themes.


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