How much do they cost?

Before we get to what you should buy to get the best value of your hard-earned V-bucks, how much does Fortnite V-bucks cost? Fortnite sells V-bucks in exchange for real money. If you don’t have enough time to play the game to earn as much V-bucks as you need to buy your favorite cosmetics and the next season’s Battle Pass, you can buy V-bucks at Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, or at Fortnite itself.

  • 1000 – £6.49/$7.99
  • 2800 – £15.99/$19.99
  • 5000 – £25.99/$31.99
  • 13500 – £64.99/$79.99

Players need to note that the V-bucks they buy on a specific platform can’t be available on the other platforms. If a player buys 1000 V-bucks on Playstation 4, he or she can’t see or use them on Fortnite Mobile or Xbox One and vice versa. However, if the player buys items using V-bucks on one platform, he or she will be able to see and use them on other platforms.

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