How To Link Twitch with the Game

We know it’s one of the most popular platforms for streamers, but were you also aware that you can link your Fortnite and Twitch accounts so you’ll earn loot drops when you watch certain events through approved channels? This tends to be for larger events, such as the Fortnite Champion Series, and in the past players have received rare banners, sprays, and more just for tuning in. If you want a chance to earn these Fortnite rewards then there’s a couple of steps you need to follow, so read on for all the information you need to know about how to link your Fortnite and Twitch accounts.

To get started with linking your Fortnite and Twitch accounts, you need to head to the page for your Epic Games account connections. Here you’ll see the Twitch icon with a Connect button underneath it, so hit that then follow the log in prompts to access your Twitch account and link it with Epic Games. With that link now set up, you’re ready to start earning loot drops from watching streams.

Now, as we mentioned earlier this only applies to larger events, so you won’t earn rewards by watching any old Fortnite stream on Twitch. Instead, look out for competitions such as the Fortnite Champion Series, with details being announced through the Epic Games Fortnite Competitive News page.

You’ll need to watch these big events through an approved channel, in order to claim those sweet loot drops. To confirm you’re watching in the right place, you’ll see a notification on your feed along the lines of “Drops enabled! Watch for a chance to earn loot.” If you see the message “Enable in-game Drops with Account Link” instead then your Fortnite and Twitch account link hasn’t been recognised, so click the link then follow the process above to get everything set up. With that done, you can just sit back and watch the competition unfold until that loot drops into your account.

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