Hunkering down (up)

When the player count is low and the Storm Shield has become teeny tiny, now’s the time to start really using the wealth of materials you have gathered throughout the match. You can use any material to build a simple four-wall structure, but if you have metal or stone, each is more durable than wood. Ideally, you should use stone and metal to build walls.

There is a small catch: you must work quickly. It’s best to build smaller, denser structures with some height as a feature to save time. By combining walls, stairs, and floor pieces, you can expand upward, gaining elevation. Players with some experience know that spiral towers tend to work well; The buildings are tall while maintaining a compact footprint and saving resources. It is risky to build more than a few stories tall: Your character may not survive falling from such a high height. To prevent your fort from getting destroyed, cover any openings so you’re able to move freely without being exposed to the enemy.

Keep in mind that, occasionally, a fortress can go up in flames. If you notice a fire is catching, repair essential pieces by highlighting the item and then pressing down on the right thumbstick on the console or the “F” key on a PC.

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