Know Where to Get the Most Material

You can level an entire house to get a ton of materials, but it may not be the best use of your time.
For wood, stick to trees. Additionally, if you see a wooden palette, harvest them as they can grant you a ton of wood in a short amount of time. Players should also note that the giant trees at Moisty Mire can provide over 100 wood.
For brick, try harvesting the stones scattered around the map. They can often give up to 50 materials.
For metal, harvesting cars and trucks is the way to go, but beware, they are extremely noisy.
Always remember to hit the blue dot as you harvest. Hitting the blue dot gives off an audio cue and will let you gather your material faster.
Killing other players and picking up the material they’ve collected is also a great way to farm materials. If you are an aggressive player, make sure you have enough materials for a fight and then just loot the materials from your fallen enemies instead of harvesting.

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