Llamas – Where to find them

Discovering one of the Fortnite llamas during a battle royale match is a welcome sight, because these rare and iconic piñatas are found few and far between out in the wild, even though they’ve become the most widely recognised icon of the game. When you encounter one now it’ll suddenly spring to life and bound away from you, so you’ll need to chase after the unexpectedly mobile creature while a stream of ammo and items spill out of it, and if you deal enough damage before it teleports away then a haul of supplies will be yours. The game officially refers to these caches as ‘Supply Llamas’, and their bright purple coloring should make them unmissable when one is nearby.

Unlike the Supply Drops that are parachuted in as Fortnite matches progress, Supply Llamas are present from the very beginning of the round and can be stashed anywhere on the island – even up trees! Originally there were only three Fortnite llamas per match, but this has been subsequently increased to five to give slightly better odds of discovering one. Although these locations are basically random for every match, some players believe that certain areas are more like to yield this reward than others. We’ve investigated and identified the best Fortnite llama locations, or at least the places we had success in finding them – though do bear in mind that they pop up across the island at random.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

These are some of the Fortnite llama locations that have worked for us during our matches – though they can pop up anywhere, so if you happen to find any others then why not let us know in the comments. Make sure you have a decent ranged weapon and plenty of ammo prior to your approach, for the best chance of taking down the llama before it escapes. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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