Servers Down?

Discovering that the Fortnite servers are down can be really annoying, especially if you’re just settling down to a planned battle royale session then find you’re unable to sign in to your account or otherwise access the game. It’s never a good omen when you start things up and see Fortnite error codes in front of you, as there’s usually no quick fix you can initiate to resolve them from your end. At other times there could be some Fortnite scheduled downtime planned for the next big update to the game, ¬†which you didn’t know was going to take place.

Epic have now made their service much more stable to accommodate the millions of players around the globe, but there’s still the possibility of connection problems and scheduled maintenance that can leave us asking when will Fortnite servers be up again? If you’ve run into issues with Fortnite then read on, and we’ll show you how to check if Fortnite is down, how to find out when are Fortnite servers coming back up again, and what the Fortnite error codes mean.

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