Vending Machines Locations

Fortnite vending machines had spent a considerable amount of time gathering dust in the vault since they disappeared at the conclusion of Chapter 1, but they’ve now been brought out of retirement to assist battle royale players once again. There are two different flavors of machine available, with the Weapon-O-Matics naturally dispensing weapons while the Mending Machines sell healing items to recover HP or shields. As long as you have enough Fortnite gold bars to spend with them, these units can give you a handy boost when needed, though they’re also required to complete certain quests so knowing where to find them in Fortnite is a bonus. To give you an assist, here are the details on all of the Fortnite vending machines locations, along with instruction for how to buy items from them when you arrive.

 Vending Machines locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you’re wondering where to find Fortnite vending machines locations, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve got all of them marked on the map above. There are Weapon-O-Matics to buy new guns from, which are fairly evenly distributed across the island, and Mending Machines offering health items that are all found near Fortnite gas pumps at fuel stations. You can spot them when you get close, as a vending machine icon with either a gun or cross on it will appear, which is visible through walls to highlight where to go. Remember that it is possible to destroy Fortnite vending machines, so if you arrive at a marked location and it’s not there then someone may have taken it out.

How do you purchase from Vending Machines

Fortnite vending machines locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To purchase from Fortnite vending machines, all you need to do is approach one and follow the prompt to interact with it. You can then use the wheel to scroll through the different items on offer, if applicable, and if you see something you need then choose the buy option and confirm. Your gold bars will be duly paid, and the item will pop out of the machine in front of you ready for collection.

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