Map Changes for Season 8

The latest Fortnite map has arrived, and although there have been changes made to mark the new season, the update definitely doesn’t have the same impact as previous iterations. The Invasion is over and the aliens have generally been driven away, but they’ve been replaced by the cubes that could potentially represent an even greater … Read more

Vending Machines Locations

Fortnite vending machines had spent a considerable amount of time gathering dust in the vault since they disappeared at the conclusion of Chapter 1, but they’ve now been brought out of retirement to assist battle royale players once again. There are two different flavors of machine available, with the Weapon-O-Matics naturally dispensing weapons while the … Read more

All About IO Guards

IO guards can still be found across the Fortnite Island even in Season 8 after the Operation: Sky Fire event. Previously, the guards would usually be found hanging about at Fortnite satellite stations, but those are now either damaged or abandoned, so you’ll have to look in several new IO bases. There are five of … Read more

Tech Weapons

Tech weapons are signature items for the IO Guards, whether they’re a Fortnite Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun, or something else, and you’d better believe that the Imagined Order are well armed as they look to take control of the island in Fortnite Season 7. Not only does this category encompass some powerful guns, but there … Read more

Satellite Stations Locations

There are a total of seven Fortnite satellite stations around the island, and you should be able to spot them when you get close due to their prominent dishes with glowing red lights at the tip. Their individual locations are: Discovery Dish – west of Believer Beach Deep Woods Dish – inside Stealthy Stronghold Dinky … Read more

Satellite Stations

Fortnite satellite stations were once the jewels in the crown of the Imagined Order, with these IO radar dish bases (which they’re also known as due to the huge antennas mounted within them) being key to the battle against the alien invaders in Season 7. They were used to keep a watchful eye over all … Read more

Guide for Cars

Fortnite cars have now been around for a while, but they still remain the exclusive method of transport to effectively traverse the island on land, so the question of “where are the Fortnite cars” is one that often gets asked. Players also tend to look for advice on how to drive Fortnite cars once they’ve … Read more

List of Foraged Items

Fortnite foraged items can be really handy in if you need a bit of healing in a pinch thanks to the small health or shield boosts they provide. Certain challenge objectives require players to find some foraged items, like the week 14 epic quest which tasks Fortnite players with gathering up four of these foods … Read more

Foraged Items

If you’re looking for a quick way to boost your Health or Shield, then consuming some Fortnite foraged Items could be just the ticket. There are apples, cabbages, mushrooms, coconuts, corn, bananas, and more to eat, each of which provides different benefits.

How To Use Off-Road Tires

You can find Fortnite off-road tires as floor loot in various places around the island, and if you visit a gas station then you’re very likely to find some in the area. Once you have your new wheels in your inventory, simply throw them at one of the Fortnite cars to expand its tires into … Read more